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Route 777 bonuses and features

Having a 3×5 reel and an odd number of paylines, Route 777 looks forward to taking the bettor on an expedition through the deserted American lanes. The setting recalls the aesthetics depicted by the biker community as the graphics capture the essence through their symbolic representation of thrill and adventure. Providing a very gothic and eccentric look through its gameplay, the plethora of symbolism exemplifies the significance that the game holds.

The bonus and the features of the Route 777 slot game are intrinsically embedded with the symbolic representation.

Symbols such as the skull, cross spanner not only add to the gothic outlook of the game but provide the bettors with the maximum amount of free spins.

The traditional symbols such as lemons, bars, cherries, and cacti pods can gain up to 7000 coins depending on the activation of the bonus rounds.

Free spins and wheel of fortune

The inclusion of 17 paylines in the game has retained seventeen chances of acquiring single spins. Upon finding 3 skull symbols, one would gain up to 5 free spins. However, if you succeed in landing extra two spins on the pay line, you will be rewarded with up to 15 free spins.

Along with those, if you manage to get three additional skull symbols, you will trigger the “Fortune Wheel”. By activating this particular bonus feature, you will be able to secure a guaranteed cash prize amounting from 100 to 100,000 coins.

Overtake re-spin

In every 100 spins, this certain feature can be activated only three to four times. Upon landing two identical symbols on any of the two reels, one will be able to win up to 5 re-spins.

With each re-spin, one will be allowed to get three types of wins depending on which symbol they land. The plus point of this bonus is that it maximizes the number of wins by 20x.

Route 777 gambling rules

The connected pay lines with a 3×3 layout have extended the chance of winning by seventeen fold. However, to land a decent win, one has to adhere to the gambling rules.

  • To win a payout, land three matching symbols in the adjacent reels.
  • The betting strategy changes drastically. One has to set the betting percentage, the highest being 10%.
  • You can only raise your bet after five straight losses.

Statistic study of Route 777

The volatility rate of Route 777 is higher than any contemporary slot machine game. However, the RTP rate, which is set at 96.30%, provides the players with ample opportunity to win a huge amount.

Route 777 is now available in 37 countries. A statistical report has shown that the market with the highest casino quantity for Route 777 in Germany, Finland, and Norway. In 2018, Route 777 took 230th place in the Global Market. Currently, the game stands in 1180th.


With a high level of volatility rate and a decent amount of RTP percentage, you have a chance to win a whopping amount of $400,000 in the Route 777 slot. Place your bets right and play the odds to land a win.

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